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Concert Band (top)
  Grade Level 1
    Bill Withers : Lean on Me (arr. Robert Longfield) $45.00
  Grade Level 1.5
    The Monkees : I'm a Believer (arr. Johnnie Vinson) $45.00
    Michael Sweeney : Imperium $45.00
    The Kingsman : Louie, Louie (arr. Johnnie Vinson) $40.00
    Michael Giacchino : The Incredibles (Main Theme) (arr. Johnnie Vinson) $45.00
    Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri : The Polar Express (Main Theme) (arr. Johnnie Vinson) $45.00
  Grade Level 2
    John Moss : Christmas at the Movies $60.00
    Michael Giacchino : The Incredibles (Main Theme) (arr. Paul Murtha) $55.00
    Jay Bocook : The North Face $60.00
    New Zealand Folksong : Wellerman (arr. Paul Murtha) $60.00
  Grade Level 3
    Michael Brown : A Disneyland Celebration $75.00
    John Moss : A Festive Christmas Celebration (with opt. choir) $70.00
    John Higgins : Christmas on Broadway $75.00
    Billie Eilish : No Time to Die (from No Time To Die) (arr. Michael Brown) $60.00
    Klaus Badelt : Pirates of the Caribbean (Soundtrack Highlights) (arr. Ted Ricketts) $75.00
    Richard Rodgers : Richard Rodgers in Concert (Medley) (arr. Mac Huff, Paul Murtha) $70.00

Jazz Band (top)
  Grade Level 3 - 4
    Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh : Witchcraft (arr. Roger Holmes) $55.00