If you have entered all your account details, are happy with the Grand Total, and want to proceed with your order, add or confirm your credit card details.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Since our digital products are delivered to your printer in just a few seconds, we regret we cannot accept checks or postal money orders etc.

When you have finished, press the Submit Payment button. This will submit your order. You will then be told whether or not your purchase has been successful.

Order Status
When you place your order, your card details are automatically transmitted to the bank for authorization, so please be patient as this may take a few seconds. The bank will either accept your card or decline it and the result is displayed on the following Order Status page.

The Order Status Page displays the result of submitting your order. Generally, your order status is either Card Accepted (because your card has been authorized) or Declined (because your card has been refused by the bank).

When your order is accepted, you are provided with an Order Number. Quote it if you ever have to contact us, it makes it easier to track down your order. Band Music Direct sends an order confirmation to you by email, summarizing your order and provides a link to the My Account page at Band Music Direct so you can view and print your music.

If your purchase has gone through successfully, you come to an order summary page from where you can access and print your order.

If you receive an error instead an order confirmation page, please go back to your credit card details to be sure everything has been entered properly.